Flotsam and Jetsam

Pirate plunder, sailboat trash, cruise ship waste
oil cargo leaks, party boat beer cans, trawler diesel
hurricane timber, tsunami tin, maelstrom hulls
1452, 1633, 1785, 1823, 1900, 1956, 1989, 2005
skulls, bones, kneecaps, shoulder blade, hip bones
doubloons, pieces of eight, gold, pearls, emeralds
daggers, dirks, walking planks, broadswords, canon balls
sloshing, swooshing, swaying, swinging, swerving
fishing line, lobster buoys, shrimp net, propellers,
diaries, manuscripts, messages in bottles,
bottles without messages
glass eyes, peg legs, rope belts, Bibles, bottles of rum
cases of champagne, lock boxes, barrels of salt pork
sea glass, sea grass, bean pods, sea shells, ships logs
compass, rudder, mainsail, mainstay, jib, topsail, sheet
devils, black cats, skull and cross bones, Black Beard’s ghost
flotsam and jetsam is best served with currents

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