I Kissed Your Man – Lil’ Lost Lou


Lil’ Lost Lou is one of the most original British artists alive today. Why she is not rocking every American late night show is quite unclear to us. Click here to visit her website and purchase her latest album. Click here to listen to He put a hook in […]

He Put a Hook in Me by Lil’ Lost Lou

Click here to visit Lil’ Lost Lou and purchase a copy of her latest album.

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I Wanna Walk Like You, Talk Like You, You Know it’s True

The most wonderful Disney Song….that will put a smile on your face….

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Spem In Alium performed by The Tallis Scholars

Click here to learn more about The Tallis Scholars

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Because its blessings are abused, Must gold be censure, cursed, accused? E’en virtue’s self by knaves is made, A cloak to carry on the trade.

— Gay