Growing Muscadine Grapes in Tennessee

The University of Tennessee in Knoxville, Tennessee has a long heralded tradition of assisting farmers and growers through it’s Agricultural Extension Service.  The following bulletin entitled Grape Growing in Tennessee discusses the Muscadine variety of grapes among others.  Muscadine grapes are often found growing wild in Tennessee.  On my grandfather’s West Tennessee farm, a stand of ancient tree-sized vines of Muscadine grapes provided several gallons of the fruit each year that were used in making homemade wine, jams, and jellies.  With the skin on the jams and jellies would be of a purple colour.  Removing the skins allowed for beautiful emerald green coloured jams and jellies.

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Click on the blue link below to download a .PDF file copy of Growing Grapes in Tennessee(UT Ag. Ext. Pub. 1475).  File size is 753.3kb:


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