Selling Fake Diamonds to Millenials and Generation Z: The Sucker Generations

A rose-cut synthetic diamond created by Apollo Diamond using a patented chemical vapour deposition process.

The much overused word, sustainability, has been seared into the hearts and minds of Millennials and Generation Z.   Using that word, the two groups have been duped into believing some amazing myths.  Among those are that one can be quite comfortable in a tiny house, cow farts and even cows natural breathing activity is bad for the planet, not enjoying the vast American open road in a high-performance gasoline powered roadster is cool, and now, buying a fake diamond for your gal is the way to go.  Amazing, and amusing really.  Did we mention there is a sucker born every day in America.

The diamond industry’s clever alchemists have been searching for the holy grail of diamond making for decades and have finally achieved it; near perfection in the creation of man-made or lab grown diamonds.   Using a seed diamond, a bit of carbon, high pressure and or carbon vapor, fake diamonds are now being produced world-wide that are nearly undiscernible from the one created by mother-nature.   The industry claims they can produce a one carat lab grown diamond for $300.00.  However, with the speed of modern technological advancement, I venture to say that figure is more like thirty bucks a carat.

Lately, on the Bloomberg news channel, woken ads are appearing featuring a lesbian couple talking babies and looking towards the future which apparently includes the purchase of an $1800.00 a carat fake diamond from a company called Clean Origin.  Of course Clean Origin swears by the “fact” that lab grown diamonds are indeed real, and not to be considered fake.  From their website we are informed:

The only thing that makes a lab-created diamond different from a natural diamond is its origin. A lab-created diamond is “grown” inside a lab using cutting-edge technology that replicates the natural diamond growing process. The result is a man-made diamond that is chemically, physically, and optically the same as those grown beneath the Earth’s surface.

“[Lab-created diamonds] are not fakes. They’re not cubic zirconias. They have all the same physical and chemical properties of a mined diamond.” Stephen ­Morisseau, a spokesman for the Gemological Institute of America, a nonprofit organization that oversees the international diamond grading system.

Did I mention there is a sucker born everyday.

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has warned purveyors of non-mined diamonds to be clear about the origin of their product.   The headline of the article reads:

FTC Sends Warning Letters to Companies Regarding Diamond Ad Disclosures

Under the Jewelry Guides, representations for non-mined diamonds must be clear, conspicuous
Let’s be clear.  If I can convince you to pay thousands of dollars for man-made diamond that cost me pennies on the dollar to manufacture, then aren’t I as least as brilliant as the diamond?


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