Proof of Stake Equals Proof of Ponzi

Ponzi schemes and MLM schemes are by design corrupt.  They are designed to confuse and or hoodwink the investor or participant into believing he is buying into a surefire road to riches.

When a computer programmer designs and programs a computer program, or in the case of the crypto-world, a block-chain algorithm, etc., the idea that one now has a fool-proof mechanism of high integrity is a false narrative as this assertion is not only linked to the programmer’s skill set, or lack thereof, but is also linked to the very character of the individual software developers involved.   Some are of low character and more often than not, most certainly share the natural traits of the human race that have for since the beginning of time proved fallible; jealousy, greed, and just plain evil.  Ranking these traits of human nature and deviance can indeed prove difficult. Over and over again, the software gods, pushers, and thinkers of the universe have proven to be petty tyrants and social manipulators; notables include Mark Zuckerberg and (Meta) Facebook, Jack Dorsey and Twitter, Elon Musk and Paypal, Larry Page and Sergei Brin and Google, and Matt Mullenweg, the creator of WordPress.   The field of human strife and suffering runs red with their blood.  The internet can’t soak it up fast enough.

Sociopath Statistics

 The sociopath makes up approximately 3 to 5 percent of the general  population. According to the American Psychiatric Association, about three out of 100 males and one in 100 are sociopaths.  Approximately 70 percent of sociopaths come from fatherless homes and 30  percent are born out of wedlock. As many as 15 to 25 percent of prison inmates show signs of being sociopaths.

There are over 19,000 block-chain tokens…do the math.  Was yours designed by or being run by a sociopath?

Hero worship is shallow indeed.  The gene-pool is somewhat shallow.  Genius often comes with two heads and green funk between six toes. A smelly software writing punk remains a punk no matter the delusional world-wide  worship of his code.

Proof of stake, touted to be a carbon-neutral mechanism of block-chain development, has become the woken software equivalent of the current Post Kennedy LBJ Democratic Party philosophy where the moral superiority of what is good for the Democratic Party is surely good for the nation, and laws may be bent, ignored, or applied based on party affiliation, fidelity, subservience, and obedience.

According to Wikipedia:

Proof-of-stake protocols are a class of consensus mechanisms for blockchains that work by selecting validators in proportion to their quantity of holdings in the associated cryptocurrency. This is done to avoid the computational cost of proof-of-work schemes. The first functioning use of PoS for cryptocurrency was Peercoin in 2012.

This my friend is not much different than the Multi-Level Nu-skin or LuLaroe Superstar getting to the top by owning more inventory than the next guy or gal.  The system is thus propped up by closeted inventory sitting in the basements of housewives across the county.   The system depends on a continuing influx of worker ants.  In the case of token invention, the block-chains currently being built depend on hype and fiat dollar input into the system by the next fool sitting in his mama’s basement.

The most shocking scheme in the block-chain universe is Ether (Ethereum), a Bitcoin-like token that has no cap.  Bitcoin is stated to be limited to 21,000,000 tokens. Ether on the other hand is unlimited.  This is obvious fraud.  Many “investors” simply do not understand the difference.  Although Bitcoin may seem like a sure bet, the question should be asked; what if Satoshi re-appears on the scene and re-writes or hijacks his own code and triples the Bitcoin cap to 63,000,000? Oh, this cannot happen you say.  Really?  There is always a greater fool out there.  Ethereum block-chain is an open book, or non-exclusive club where any genius with code can create a token at will and thus launch it into Ponzi-heaven, or onto the 500 plus unregulated crypto exchanges where basement mamas-boys trade their allowances and welfare checks away.

Proof of Stake props up the system.  Proof of Stake = Proof of Ponzi.


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No strong man, in good health, can be neglected, if he be true to himself. For the benefit of the young, I wish we had a correct account of the number of persons who fail to success, in a thousand who resolutely strive to do well. I do not think it exceeds on per cent.

— Ebenezer Eliot

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Proof of Stake Equals Proof of Ponzi

Ponzi schemes and MLM schemes are by design corrupt. They are designed to confuse and or hoodwink the investor or participant into believing he is buying into a surefire road to riches.

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