The Metaverse; Welcome to the World of Virtual Delusion and Modern Tulips

Panama City, Photo by

There once was a man who sold the Brooklyn Bridge(three times), Madison Square Garden, and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Grant’s Tomb, and the Statue of Liberty to unsuspecting immigrants landing in New York City seeking out the American Dream.  The salesman’s name was George C. Parker.  The most amazing thing is that Mr. Parker did not own or hold title or interest in any of these iconic landmarks, nor did he represent the actual owners.  Mr. Parker was a conman.  He died in Sing Sing Prison.

Today, we have so-called Tech Companies selling non-existent real estate on the internet in a highly delusional world being touted as “The Metaverse”.  Why the Southern District of New York’s U.S. Attorney’s office has not filed charges against the charlatan’s behind this massive scam is not quite clear other than we suspect America’s moral compass has been successfully demagnetized by unnamed co-conspirators.

What is crystal clear is that the delusional punters involved in the buying and selling run the gambit from stock market speculators to corporate CEOs and Hollywood’s woken.  Most are simply placing bets on the latest Tulip to come along since Bitcoin was invented by smarter CIA conmen wearing black suits and hoodies.   A red tulip certainly is more valuable than a green one is it not?

When seemingly  reasonable men get sucked into utterly delusional money making schemes time and again, decade after decade, one must wonder just what is floating around the atmosphere?  Perhaps those top secret government-sponsored chemtrail jets really are sprinkling star dust about.  Certainly, in the Metaverse, THE SKY IS THE LIMIT…or so we’re told.

So allow me to share a Metaverse story with you:

A week or so back, Delusional Dan whipped out his iPhone and pulled up a picture of his recently acquired $500,000 Sandbox condo.  He bragged about his acquisition to Reasonable Rick.  “Isn’t this amazing?  You should get one Rick!….Dan slipped his iPhone back in his pocket.  Gosh, I am fulfilled, he thought…  Say Rick, are you not jealous of my acquisition?”

Not really replied Reasonable Rick….but say….my Panama Beach condo has a great pool, an outdoor cabana bar and an oceanside view…wanna join me for the weekend?   I just paid $500,000 for it with the money I made selling my $5.00 Sandbox condo.


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Who was it said the human race is divided into guests and hosts, well I’m a host, not a guest. I don’t like being a guest. I like being a host.

— John Aspinall – The Clermont Club